Why only Rekinetics can quickly relieve pain?

Rekinetics is the only approach that focuses on the source of pain and movement: the brain. The brain is fundamentally protective. When you experience injury, whether that injury builds over time or is from an acute incident, your brain sets a dimmer switch on a muscle or joint so that it can heal. But even after the muscle heals, the brain doesn’t necessarily remove that dimmer switch. So pain and weakness can continue thereafter. Conventional rehab and physical therapy does not address the changes in the brain. But Rekinetics does. Since the brain changes instantly, Rekinetics exercises work instantly. 
To help understand this, think of the body like a computer. A computer needs both the hardware (bones, muscles, joints) and software (how the brain communicates with the hardware) to work properly. Whereas all conventional rehab and physical therapy focuses on the hardware, by Rekinetics addresses the software. That's why you'll see immediate results even if you've been struggling with something for years.

The Brain-Changing Benefits of Excercise

Why some people find exercise harder than others

The real reason for brains

Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert talks about movement control functions of the brain and its ability to create smooth and graceful motion of human bodies.

Who was Joseph Pilates?

Мr. Pilates was a sickly, frail child, who was plagued by asthma and rickets in his native Germany. Determined to overcome his poor health, he created his method of exercises, which he called The Art of Contrology. Authentic Pilates exercises utilize matwork as well as the use of various pieces of apparatus. The first official Pilates Studio was opened in New York City in i926, when Mr. Pilates immigrated to the United States. His workouts resulted in streamlined bodies, confidence, extra energy and personal control. It created a devout following that continues to this day.

There are many legends about Joseph Pilates. It has been said that he was a dancer, a gymnast; he was a boxer and a wrestler. What this system gives to you is strength, endurance and control over the body. It is a combination of Eastern and Western physical philosophies. In Ancient Greece, athletes were all about physical power. ln the East  the most important elements were speed, endurance and flexibility. Joseph Pilates took the best part of both and combined them.

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