Dynamic  Structural Alignment (DSA) - is approach that helps to understand a  fundamental role of large and small parts of skeletal structure to improve control and power.



Experience an instant increase in your movement & strength with this ground-breaking methodology.


Pilates is a progressive exercise system that reshapes your body by teaching you to use it in a unique manner. The abdomen, lower back, and buttocks are used as power center, enabling the rest of the body to move fluidly, powerfully and injury free.
Pilates is more than just an exercise program, it is a system that works the mind and body together. Pilates, the original “core training” method. In Pilates, your body’s center, or core, is referred to as the “Powerhouse”, and includes all of your abdominal, back, and buttocks muscles, and inner and outer thighs

Yamuna Body Logic

One-on-one analysis and therapy to unlock your body's natural potential, identify problems and suggest solutions.
YBL is an intensive hands-on therapy designed identify structural and muscular restrictions, and release compression and tightness, freeing space around joints and elongating muscles.
Flexibility, tone and balance are keys to muscle function and alignment; standing straight, shoulders back, a natural curve to the spine, hips, feet and knees alignment. It's about liberating the body.

Yamuna Body Rolling

YBR - a natural extension of Body Logic. It gives you the tools to duplicate YBL techniques on your own, creating space and elongating muscles. Pain and tension dissolveas the muscles surrender to the therapeutic effects of YBL. Stand taller, stretch further, go faster and harder. Unlock your natural potential with YBR. Once you learn the basics of YBR, you can recreate elements of your Body Logic therapy in your individual session.

Oleg Belousov

Born in Belorus in 1964 Master of greco-roman wrestling, winner of more than 30 trophies. Graduated from Moscow state university of diplomacy, degree in economics. Also studied psychology in Moscow state university. Clients service director in Publicis -- one of oldest world leading advertising agencies. After moving in USA in 1998 Oleg Belosov studied Pilates method in New York under direct supervision of Romana Krizhanovska worldwide recognized legendary Pilates master teacher, also studied Yamuna Body Logic and Body Rolling with Yamuna Zack, the inventor of both revolutionary methods.

After opening his practice in 2000, besides teaching classic Pilates, Oleg also has been working on his own system, based on knowledges he has got trough his work as well as through various conventions, workshops and seminars on anatomy, yoga, Pilates, reiki and other methods he attended within all this years.

Practicing in Norwalk CT since February of 1999.

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  • Do I Need a Knee Surgery?

    Approximately 30 months ago I believed I needed a knee replacement.  A 30 year old sports knee injury was becoming increasing hard to manage , low functioning knee, weak leg muscles and hip/leg pain. A doctor I met at HSS suggested I try some rehabilitative therapy to see if I could mitigate my issues and delay surgery for a year or two.  I started doing PT 2-3 times a week and didn’t  feel it was helping me very much.Our group fitness manager at Chelsea Piers Connecticut suggested that I spend some time working with Oleg B.  So in late 2015 I started seeing Oleg 2x a week.  As Oleg likes to say “ I can fix you” and fix me he did. Today , in early 2018, I am playing hockey twice a week, spinning 2-3 times a week , swimming and continuing my rehabilitative work with Oleg.  I am stronger, more balanced and maintaining much improved muscular skeletal functions.  Oleg, thru his deep knowledge of the workings of the human body – structurally, muscularly and neurologically – has helped me make significant physical improvements.  As of today, getting a knee replacement is not something that is currently on a list of future things to do.  I credit Oleg with “fixing” me. Thank you Oleg.

    David Tewksbury. Founder of Chelsea Piers NY
  • Smart Training

    “I know and have worked with Oleg Bolousev for over a year, and I can attest to the effectiveness and insightfulness of his approach. Oleg is much more than a trainer. He is a highly sophisticated master of skeletal and muscular anatomy. Any client of Oleg’s will benefit from a deeper understanding of his/her own body and the opportunities for growth and rejuvenation. In a lifetime of athletics and training, I have met very few individuals of comparable skill. While no one can expect miracles, Oleg’s approach produces the most satisfactory resultsby available on the planet. It is a combination of brain, skeletal and muscular coordination that results in lasting benefits.”

    Paul Tierney.
  • Immediate relief

    Four years ago, I initially sought weekly sessions with Oleg for my scoliosis. It's amazing that I have not had back pain since working with him. However I had another chronic problem that I have been suffering since my childhood - sinus infection(sinusitis ). That's when Oleg applied another methods he has been practicing - Dynamic Structural Alignment and REKINETICS! I would have approximately seven sinus infections a year. Multiple antibiotics and steroids for bronchitis. I sought the help of multiple doctors, and homeopathic remedies. Nothing helped. Oleg has since given me exercises at home where I feel immediate relief of sinus congestion. I have to say that it is amazing to be able to do an exercise, and feel immediate results. I have been antibiotic and steroid free for one year, and it is great! I am forever grateful to Oleg and Rekinetics and DSA.”

    Carol D.
  • Tennis elbow and shoulder problem

    When I went to my first session with Oleg, it was only out of a desperate hope that he could somehow relieve the shoulder and elbow problems that I had dealt with periodically over the course of eight years. I had already seen a wide array of professionals who failed to produce any noteworthy results and I expected to be back at physical therapy once again within a week. In my early to mid teens, I wasn't able to play a tennis tournament for over two years due to a separated growth plate in my shoulder. In my latest visit to the Hospital for Special Surgery, a CT scan showed developing stress reactions in my elbow and humerus. I was told that I was lucky not to require surgery and instructed to rest my arm for three months - three months of my gap year, the purpose of which was primarily to train and play tournaments with the goal of playing Division I tennis. While I had already been resting for a month, I couldn't straighten my elbow without serious discomfort, making even the simplest tasks painful. I was surprised to find Oleg's approach vastly different from when I had seen him years ago, and from all of the various techniques I had seen to date. Within two weeks, the pain and stiffness in my elbow was gone and we were able to move on to other related issues that I was dealing with. I was back on the court in six weeks and haven't looked back since then. There are countless physical therapists, doctors, trainers, etc. with a deep understanding of the human body's physical workings, but very few who understand the connection between neurological and physical performance. Oleg says that I am one of his toughest challenges due to years and years of one injury leading to the next, so if he can solve my puzzle, I believe he can help anybody as long as they are open-minded and willing to communicate with him. Pain and stiffness are gone 

    Kyle Metzler
  • Herniated Disc

    About 5 months ago, I suffered what I thought was a simple muscle strain in my lower back.  It turned out that it was a herniated disc.  Being my first severe back injury, I reached out to friends who have had similar issues, and instead of rushing off to the usual physical therapy, I thankfully found my way to Oleg.  Oleg’s approach and insights are different from anything I’ve experienced and in a short amount of time had me functioning at a higher level.  Aside from increasing my time swimming laps by 20-25%, I am now armed with the knowledge of how my body truly functions and what activities to either engage in or steer clear from. 

    Chris Peck

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